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At J.M. Smith Landscaping, we strive on the satisfaction of you, the Customer. From the initial consult, to planning and construction, we will help create a landscape that you deserve. You will get the same care and work ethic from our knowledgeable team regardless of the size and scale of your project.

Established in 2012, J.M. Smith Landscaping has had many years of service to Peterborough and the Kawarthas, and has been making lasting relationships with customers and suppliers along the way. We specialize in Landscape Construction which includes interlock patios, interlock walkways, armour stone, and many other outdoor features!

We will develop strong customer relationships by taking the time to getting to know you and your needs. We believe it should be more of a personal experience than a business experience. We encourage our customers to ask questions, and want them to feel comfortable during the construction process.

J.M. Smith Landscaping is also a Unilock Authorized Contractor. In the words of Unilock, “Unilock Authorized Contractors are part of an elite group whose workmanship and business practices have met our exacting standards. You can trust them to do the job right and have additional peace-of-mind knowing that we stand behind their work.” Please visit their website www.unilock.com to learn more about the Authorized Contractor program and its benefits, as well as to look at their amazing products!

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Brian and Joanne Seabrook

An eye for design and was able to execute a plan to meet the challenges we outlined!

Justin is a man of integrity and honesty. He knows his product very well from the manufactured stone to the natural rock directly from the quarry. He emphasized that the quality of the sub-structure is as important as the exterior surface and ensured that it was installed correctly. He has the team and the equipment to accomplish this and stays with each project until completion. Justin has an eye for design and was able to execute a plan to meet the challenges we outlined! Justin and team worked at our home, a new construction, for two summers. In the first year he built a large interlock patio at the back which is accessed by a set of stone stairs along a steep incline. The gardens, which include shrubbery and trees were designed to create an integrated package that is practical, beautiful and has not disappointed in any way. We wholeheartedly confirm our satisfaction with the capability, quality and attention to detail of the work and design of J. M. Smith Landscaping. Please feel free to call for more detailed information.

Susannah Therrien & Scott Andersen

Complete “end to end” Solutions

J.M. Smith Landscaping completed a large project for us in Keene, Ontario a few of years ago. The project involved a multi-level stone, 8 pad driveway, as well as several hundred ft. of intricate cobble stone roads and intersections. The project was a complete success, and we are glad to offer our reference as such, and covers every aspect of the process inclusive of; Design enhancements, taking the original concept and adding both functional and aesthetic attributes, Prework, staging and planning for swift project flow, Product knowledge and adherence to manufacturer specification, Quality of installation, both in workmanship and respect for our surroundings (clean up etc.). Post project follow up ensuring complete satisfaction. This note is an offer of complete “end to end” reference for Justin Smith and his landscaping company (J.M. Smith Landscaping). We will use J.M. Smith on future development on our property.

Peter Swain

Justin and his team demonstrated great ingenuity and tenacity!

I contracted Justin Smith on two occasions recently, both requiring exceptional skill, creativity, and cost efficiency. With each of these significant projects, Justin and his team demonstrated great ingenuity and tenacity to fulfill my brief in a timely and cost efficient manner. In addition, Justin and his team demonstrated exceptional initiative to liaise with other suppliers and to thoroughly research each project to deliver an outstanding cohesive result in each case. Without reservation I would highly recommend J.M.Smith Landscaping for your project(s), and can provide further endorsement as needed.

Sharon T.

We are still in Awe!

This year our goal was to determine how we could both utilize the backyard given the accessibility challenges. We were extremely fortunate to find J.M. Smith Landscaping and owner Justin Smith who worked closely with us to design a practical yet beautiful backyard space. We really enjoyed working with Justin as he helped us navigate the numerous options available to us, all the while incorporating our wishes to create an enjoyable, usable family space which included a deck, ramping, landscaping, fencing and a beautiful inter-lock patio. J.M. Landscaping truly transformed our backyard, meeting not only our overall needs and wishes but completing the job within the timelines discussed and on budget. 

Ron and Bonnie Larmer

We are beyond delighted with the results!

I wish to acknowledge the creativity and workmanship of JM Smith Landscaping. We asked for a sitting area at our lakefront with steps up to our home - he ran with it. We are beyond delighted with the results and there is no doubt it has greatly increased the value of our property. We’ve had two rough winters and the work remains solid, no sinking in the interlocking whatsoever. Justin Smith has proved to be creative, dependable and a master of his trade - we are grateful for his character, his workmanship and enhancing the beauty of our property.



Every stunning landscape begins with a well-thought-out plan. As experienced landscapers, we start by understanding your vision and needs. We consider every aspect of your space – from the soil type to the local climate – ensuring that our plan aligns perfectly with your outdoor living aspirations. Our planning process is thorough and customer-focused, laying the groundwork for a landscape that not only meets but surpasses your expectations.


Design is where your dream starts to take shape. Leveraging our expertise in landscape aesthetics and functionality, we create a design that’s both beautiful and practical. Our designs blend creativity with attention to detail, ensuring that every element of your landscape – be it a cozy patio, an elegant driveway, or a robust retaining wall – is in harmony with your home’s architecture and your personal style. Our goal is to craft a design that you’ll love today and for years to come.


The build phase is where our plans and designs come to life. We pride ourselves on our meticulous workmanship, highest quality materials, and our commitment to finishing each project on time and within budget. Whether it’s installing intricate interlock paving or constructing sturdy armour stone walls, we ensure every detail is perfected, transforming your outdoor space into the masterpiece you envisioned.


Elevate your home’s appeal with our expert landscaping services. We specialize in transforming ordinary outdoor spaces into extraordinary extensions of your home. From the initial planning to the final build, every step is executed with precision and a keen eye for design. Our team understands that a well-designed landscape not only enhances the beauty of your home but also adds to its value. Whether it’s a charming backyard oasis, an elegant front entrance, or a meticulously crafted driveway, we are dedicated to creating spaces that are not just visually appealing but also reflect your personal style and enhance your lifestyle. Let us help you turn your home into a stunning showcase of artistry and elegance.


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