J.M. Smith Landscaping completed a large project for us in Keene, Ontario a few of years ago. The project involved a multi-level stone, 8 pad driveway, as well as several hundred ft. of intricate cobble stone roads and intersections.

The project was a complete success, and we are glad to offer our reference as such, and covers every aspect of the process inclusive of;

  • Design enhancements, taking the original concept and adding both functional and aesthetic attributes
  • Prework, staging and planning for swift project flow
  • Product knowledge and adherence to manufacturer specification
  • Quality of installation, both in workmanship and respect for our surroundings (clean up etc.)
  • Post project follow up ensuring complete satisfaction

This note is an offer of complete “end to end” reference for Justin Smith and his landscaping company (J.M. Smith Landscaping). We will use J.M. Smith on future development on our property.

Any questions, please reach out to us directly or through Justin.


Susannah Therrien & Scott Andersen

To Whom It May Concern;

It is a pleasure to write a reference for J.M. Smith Landscaping. However, it is difficult to choose the appropriate superlative with which to begin.

Justin is a man of integrity and honesty. He knows his product very well from the manufactured stone to the natural rock directly from the quarry. He emphasized that the quality of the sub-structure is as important as the exterior surface and ensured that it was installed correctly. He has the team and the equipment to accomplish this and stays with each project until completion.

Justin has an eye for design and was able to execute a plan to meet the challenges we outlined!
Justin and team worked at our home, a new construction, for two summers. In the first year he built a large interlock patio at the back which is accessed by a set of stone stairs along a steep incline. The gardens, which include shrubbery and trees were designed to create an integrated package that is practical, beautiful and has not disappointed in any way.

In year two Justin and team installed a patio/step entranceway at the front of our home. In the planning we emphasised our wish for a welcoming approach to a rather small entrance. Justin integrated it with a raised garden across the front of the house. Lighting was integral to the gardens and the steps. Plantings, tree and lighting tied the whole thing together. We had purchased a large stone sculpture from Zim Art to be added. Justin worked with the gallery to install it into a natural stone base that looks terrific.

The stonework of the entranceway was integrated into a double driveway. At one point in excavating the driveway, they realized that the soil was unsuitable to support the stonework to come. Justin removed tons of the offending material and replaced it with stone and aggregate that provided a secure base that is still perfect.

We wholeheartedly confirm our satisfaction with the capability, quality and attention to detail of the work and design of J. M. Smith Landscaping. Please feel free to call for more detailed information.


Brian and Joanne Seabrook

J.M. Smith Landscaping | Landscaping in Peterborough, Ontario.

To whom it may concern,

I wish to acknowledge the creativity and workmanship of Justin Smith, professional landscaper.

We asked for a sitting area at our lakefront with steps up to our home – he ran with it.
We are beyond delighted with the results and there is no doubt it has greatly increased the value of our property.

The steps fit nicely into the hill with easy ascent and have a pleasing curve. The landings come in just the right place for the climb and soften the incline.

The interlock sitting area is perfect, the darker slate colour accessorize the steps beautifully.
Justin knew where to put the low voltage lighting to make his landscaping choices “pop.” The shrubs he picked have just enough colour, are growing in nicely while not being overpowering.
Justin is creative but at the same time respectfully paying close attention to our “musts”. He was on time each day, worked diligently all day every day until the job was complete. He was professional, mannerly and left our property meticulously clean, not only at the completion of the job but at the end of each day.

We’ve had two rough winters and the work remains solid, no sinking in the interlocking whatsoever.

Justin Smith has proved to be creative, dependable and a master of his trade – we are grateful for his character, his workmanship and enhancing the beauty of our property.


Ron and Bonnie Larmer

To Whom it may concern.

Please accept this letter of recommendation with respect to J.M. Smith Landscaping. I contracted Justin Smith on two occasions recently, both requiring exceptional skill, creativity, and cost efficiency.
With each of these significant projects, Justin and his team demonstrated great ingenuity and tenacity to fulfill my brief in a timely and cost efficient manner.

In addition, Justin and his team demonstrated exceptional initiative to liaise with other suppliers and to thoroughly research each project to deliver an outstanding cohesive result in each case.

Without reservation I would highly recommend J.M.Smith Landscaping for your project(s), and can provide further endorsement as needed.

Peter Swain

J.M. Smith Landscaping | Landscaping in Peterborough, Ontario.

My daughter and I moved into a new home last summer which incorporated a number of accessible design aspects to meet her mobility needs. This year our goal was to determine how we could both utilize the backyard given the accessibility challenges. We were extremely fortunate to find J.M. Smith Landscaping and owner Justin Smith who worked closely with us to design a practical yet beautiful backyard space. We really enjoyed working with Justin as he helped us navigate the numerous options available to us, all the while incorporating our wishes to create an enjoyable, usable family space which included a deck, ramping, landscaping, fencing and a beautiful inter-lock patio. His suggestion to use TREX composite for our decking to help to keep the maintenance at a minimum was truly appreciated as I was not aware of these new products. J.M. Landscaping truly transformed our backyard, meeting not only our overall needs and wishes but completing the job in the timelines discussed and on budget. We thoroughly enjoyed working in partnership with Justin and his team of professionals and would highly recommend them to friends, family members and of course of neighbours who watched the transformation and are still in awe! A wonderful company to deal with!

Sharon T.

This just a note to let you know that what you did and how it looks now when planted either end, simply is a total delight !!

How beautiful and perfect it looks makes me smile with gladness every time I look at it. (And look I do many times each day)

So thank you for creating something that gives daily delights to the people that ends up with the result of your hard work!!



J.M. Smith Landscaping | Landscaping in Peterborough, Ontario.

We just finished a large renovation and our backyard was destroyed and we didn’t want to be faced with a mess come Spring. We decided to contact our local Landscape Supply Store to get their professional advice. They suggested we work with a Landscaper and gave us the names of three companies they had worked with in the past. They highly recommended Justin Smith – a young entrepreneur who had recently ventured out on his own to form JM Smith Landscaping. From our initial phone call to the first time we met Justin in person we knew we had found a landscaper that we could trust and work with in the coming years. With a very tight budget we opted to start small and have sod laid and the areas around our large maple trees edged and mulched. After living through a construction site for the past 7 months we were anxious to have a green backyard. We were extremely impressed with the results that we are currently working with JM Smith Landscaping to design our backyard oasis.

Marty & Nancy Kimball

J.M. Smith Landscaping | Landscaping in Peterborough, Ontario.

I hired J.M. Smith Landscaping to build a stone walkway/patio. The job was done on time, to specification and on budget.  Through the process, Justin kept me apprised of workdays, issues, concerns and material delivery.  Despite a very wet spring, Justin and his crew met all the requirements of this job.

Although my main concern was appearance, Justin was careful to show me the necessity of a careful drainage plan, proximity of stones to the vinyl siding and most importantly, he used a creative solution to cover the septic tank openings while still allowing me access to the tanks.

I highly recommend J.M. Smith Landscaping to you for any outdoor work you may be considering.  

Yours truly,

Lisa Selke

J.M. Smith Landscaping | Landscaping in Peterborough, Ontario.

Dear Justin: We just want to tell you again how happy are with the landscaping & deck that you built for us last summer. We really appreciate how you created a great layout for us while still letting us have a lot of input with the features we’d like to put into it. The fish pond & bubbling rock was a great feature of your design that transformed our backyard into an enjoyable space for lounging & hosting guest in good weather. All this while helping us keep within our budget. We are just coming out of the long winter and we can’t wait to enjoy our backyard & deck again. Your quality work & professionalism come highly recommended.

Regards & Take care,

Noel & Connie

J.M. Smith Landscaping | Landscaping in Peterborough, Ontario.
J.M. Smith Landscaping | Landscaping in Peterborough, Ontario.

Hello Justin:

I want you to know how pleased I am with the landscaping that you did at the end of May. After a few blips due to watering problems etc., the lawn has taken hold so well and is now absolutely beautiful. I think back to the first days of the project when you were hauling away all that terrible “top soil”– actually I guess it was almost all clay and I realized the scope of the job. You and your crew were amazing–quite apart from doing the job properly, you and they were a delight to work with. You all worked constantly and knew what you were doing. Any little questions I might have had were answered quickly, and if there was any action to be taken, it was done immediately.

It was very reassuring to see how well you and Ryan Jones, my landscaping designer, worked together. I understand that you have worked on many projects together and have the same high standards. I have had many compliments on my front landscaping and queries as to who did the project. I always heartily recommend you and Ryan. Please feel free to give my name and address to any prospective clients who may be wanting to see “the finished product” of your work. I will have nothing except words of praise for your expertise.

Again many thanks for a job well done and all best wishes,

Mary Snack